Malmö bus 999

Øresund is one of the busiest waterways in the world connecting the Scandinavian peninsula with the European continent with the railway and motorway. Bus 999 takes you across a 16 km long Øresund bridge  from Copenhagen to Malmö, the third largest city in Sweden. It is well-known for its Turning Torso, the tallest building not only in Sweden, but in the Nordic countries in general. When it opened in August 2005, it was also the highest residential building in the European Union and the second tallest in Europe as a whole. The lowest segments are filled with offices, while the upper six segments offer 147 luxury flats. One hundred percent of the energy consumed in the building is renewable, coming from hydro, solar, wind, and geothermal sources. We sell tickets for Bus 999 to Malmö at Tourist Point. You can go from Monday to Saturday, four times a day. The bus departs from the Central Station (Hovedbanegaad), making stops at Sydhavnen, Copenhagen Airport (Kastrup), Bunkeflo (Skånegården), Stadionsgatan, Södervärn and Gustav Adolfs Torg.
One day return ticket 120 DKK.

One adult can take two children under the age of 16 free of charge.





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Airplane tickets

Copenhagen is a hub of Scandinavian air traffic, connecting North, South, East and West. There are about 60 scheduled airlines at Copenhagen airport, with 83.5% of flights to/from other European airports, and 10.4% intercontinental flights.
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